Eureka Aomi
Holding a Masterfs degree from the Graduate School of Letters, Keio University, Eureka Aomi studied Western astrology under Yuukou Shiojima. She pursued her own unique art of Tarot Card reading at the same time, placing stronger emphasis on gconsciousnessh than on gfortune.h Eureka Aomi is recognized for her accurate and positive readings with great insight and intuition, which have helped uplifting the spirits of people from all walks of life.

What is Spiritual Reading?

A Spritual Reading should not to be viewed as something particularly mysterious. An attempt at Tarot Card reading is closely related to your everyday life, exploring in details various issues and problems arising from it. You'll be encouraged to become aware of those problems, and there'll be sufficient support for your consciousness to transform. Every client's need is carefully studied to find out real issues and important themes underneath the surface, for which accurate advice would be given in return. A seemingly typical event often hides a life's bigger theme.

In our lives, we encounter as many obstacles to overcome as we have happy moments. These obstacles are necessary for us to grow and be able to embrace deeper happiness and joys. But many people are creating troubles and worries for themselves that can be spared of once their consciousness and understandings are awoken. In other words, the cause keeping you from being happy is usually derived from yourself. For example, can you just accept it if someone tells you that you were born unlucky in relationships with the opposite sex? Wouldn't you want to know why so, or how to change that?

During a Tarot Card reading, only what the cards are showing is read using intuition and conveyed to clients. The reader's personal opinions or common sense and moral judgment of society do not intervene in the reading. The top priority is not to make judgment in a general sense but to indicate the best path for the client, ultimately enabling the client to make the best decision or choice on his/her own based on the information provided. The condition of your chakras and the healing stone to help your present situation can be consulted if necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I consult about anything?
Basically yes. Ifm prepared for any questions.

Is there any topic that cannot be read?
In general, the hour of death is not allowed. There may be exceptions for cases such as patients whose doctor believes their death is within a certain period but who want to learn if they will live longer than predicted. We will refuse to give a reading if the aim is to harm another person. Also in some cases, itfs better not to read further because therefs too much information for the client to digest at that moment, or knowledge that will not benefit the client at all. I will say so in such cases.

What things should I pay attention to when I receive a Tarot reading?
First, be as precise as possible about what you want to know. For example, be specific about what you want to know regarding your future, rather than just asking what your future is like. Youfll receive more detailed readings that way. If youfre not sure about it yourself, thatfs OK as well - I can help to guide you to the questions you want answered before starting the reading.

Whatfs the best way to maximize the effect of the reading?
I usually give you an instruction to follow to improve the situation so all you have to do is to simply carry it out.

Especially in the case of future readings, some people worry too much. gWhat if it turns out this way?h gwhat comes next?h, gis this the person Ifll fall in love with like the reading says?h, etc. etc.

There is little point in receiving a reading if it troubles you and the readings are producing adverse effect. In other words, if youfre too much concerned you canft act naturally when you should go with natural progression of things. On the other hand, it often does clear up onefs mind to remember or reread the reading when youfre in doubt and distressed.

Is it OK to receive a reading frequently?
Yes, it you feel the need. However, repeating the same question when the situation hasnft changed at all is probably unhelpful, and may in fact be harmful. To come for a reading regularly as periodical checkup is OK even if there isnft any problem.

Can you read Tarot for other people?
Yes, of course. Readings for people whose birth dates are unknown, the deceased, or even companies and animals are all possible.

Do you use special cards?
In my case, I use three different kinds of Tarot Card I know from long experience I get good results with. No matter which type I use, it always produces the same reading. Cards we use are not important because we interpret the information cards are showing. Theoretically speaking, we can give a reading using playing cards.

Do readings about future ever change?
Yes. Theyfre based on the gconsciousness at the presenth and as the consciousness changes, itfs possible the future changes with it too. When a client is told such and such is inevitable if it stays this way, he/she might try very hard to change its course of direction. If this happens, different future will appear in the next reading. For example, someone who is told that therefs a possibility he/she might get sick and to watch out for certain things might change that future by keeping to the instruction. Having said that, itfs quite rare for the consciousness to transform at such a deep level and so future readings do not change very frequently.

I live outside Kanto area and canft go to the places mentioned in the weekly schedule.
For those who canft meet me in person, I can give a reading by email. Please fill in the mail form below and return it. Youfll receive email notifying the charge. Transfer the money to the stated bank account. As soon as the payment is confirmed, Ifll send you the reading by email.



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